The New Generation EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives, cold pressed only through mechanical means and high in natural olive antioxidants.

olivumNG has been carefully selected from many olive oils and made available for having a high antioxidant content typical of EVOO.

olivumNG has inside natural polyphenols such as Hydroxythyrosol, Oleuropein or Oleocanthal, responsible, among others, for the antioxidant, cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   The polyphenols present in olivumNG contribute to the protection of blood lipids, LDL-cholesterol, against oxidative stress. Hydroxythyrosol and derivatives in olivumNG have been analyzed by an accredited quantitation method, and therefore, the daily intake of 20 g of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides the health benefits described in the EFSA Health Claim (European Regulation 432/2012), with special emphasis on the protection of blood lipids against oxidation.

In olivumNG, the ancestral and artisanal form of olive is harvested and collected manually. Along with that, the highest technology is used in the determination of all the healthy components of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

EVOO The highest grade
of Olive Oil

There are various grades of olive oil, each having distinct differences in terms of production method, quality and suitability for consumption. EVOO, is the highest grade of Olive Oil.

In order to avoid confusion and misleading terminology for consumers, EVOO must be defined in quality and characterized by an official study of its chemical and organoleptic parameters.

EVOO is the natural and fresh juice of the olive with a high quality and minimal processing. It must have a free acidity, expressed as free oleic acid, never higher than 0.8 grams per 100 grams and no sensory defects.

In addition, EVOO should display all other characteristics corresponding with a official standard with chemical composition and quality parameters.

For its consumption, EVOO has to fulfill the relevant requirements for labelling and packing.