Health & Biophenols


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet  and, at the moment, it is considered a nutritional gold standard that enhances health and wellness.


The biophenols, carotenoids and healthy fatty acids, such as oleic acid, make EVOO a protector of cardiovascular health, and provide it with many beneficial health properties.


The biophenols from EVOO are a rich source of antioxidant capacity, and due to this are capable of neutralizing free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative stress and oxidative damage. In addition, there are  other beneficial effects on risk factors for chronic diseases such as blood pressure, glucose blood levels and inflammation events.


Oleuropein is a phenolic derivative that belongs to the secoiridoids. This compound is responsible for the browning capacity and it also gives EVOO its bitter taste.


Hydroxytyrosol is a bioactive substance, which provides the olive oil with health benefits such as antioxidative and cardiovascular protection properties.


Oleocanthal is a recently discovered biophenol, such as hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and oleuropein, with powerful and healthy effects. Oleocanthal is a ligstroside derivative that has turned out to have anti-inflammatory effects.